We are now generating maven snapshots. We will begin publishing maven releases with our next schedule release (1.2.3). We will continue to publish the WAR on SourceForge.

The bigdata dependencies and releases can be found here:


Snapshots are generated during CI and are published here:


The maven pom is available in the 1.2.0 maintenance branch (branches/BIGDATA_RELEASE_1_2_0). The pom is designed to support maven-enabled applications that embed bigdata. If you are using the WAR deployment (the NanoSparqlServer on a single machine) or the cluster deployment then you do not want to use this maven pom. It is only designed for applications that are embedding bigdata and does not include the dependencies required for the NanoSparqlServer (jetty, servlet-api, etc) or the cluster (zookeeper, river, etc).

More information about the bigdata maven repository is available on the wiki.

Thanks to Gerjon of the Open Sahara project who contributed to this effort.

Note: Maven artifacts were originally schedule for 1.2.2. However, 1.2.2 was a critical maintenance release. The maven artifacts will now be published with 1.2.3 which is the next scheduled release.